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The newly appointed Minister of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development (MoPED); Madam Kenyeh Ballay participated in the Moyamba District Development Coordination Committee (DDCC) meeting, held on the 29th August, 2023 at the Moyamba District Council Hall, Moyamba town. The DDCC meeting was a created platform to discuss development plans and strategies that relate to the district, having in attendance representatives from the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development (MoPED), UNICEF, Accountable Governance for Basic Service Delivery Project, (AGBSDP), Ministry of Local Government and Community Affairs, (MLGCA), Chiefs and Stakeholders of the Moyamba District Council, amongst others.

The meeting covered a variety of segments such as remarks, statements and comments from partner NGOs and INGOs, presentations of reports and action points amongst other things.

The Minister, in her remark, expressed profound joy for being present to discuss the issues that relate to development in the district and gratitude for the support received thus far. She likewise highlighted that the concerns raised by the paramount chief were part of the incumbent government’s top priority for development as well as her top agenda.

She further reiterated some of the ministry’s activities in promoting economic development in the country, with emphasis on the ECOWAS Volunteer Programme in Sierra Leone, whose activities since its inception have tremendously impacted the country at national, district and community levels and has greatly contributed to the development of the country’s economy with notable evidences.

This hence created the avenue for a presentation about the ECOWAS Volunteer Programme; the history, aim and achievements so far, by the ECOWAS Volunteers, leading to an increased visibility and awareness of the programme in the district.




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